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Tech evangelist working for Microsoft on Mixed Reality in the UK. Previous software experience in computer graphics industries; including games development, post-production, audio programming and computer animation.


Pete Daukintis,
London, UK
Pete is a Technical Evangelist who started his software engineering career in 3D Graphics programming having worked extensively in games, video editing & effects and audio. He has since made a return to this field of software coincident with the resurgence of the various alternative ‘realities’. You can contact him through twitter (https://twitter.com/peted70), email (pdaukin@microsoft.com), read his blog (http://peted.azurewebsites.net), LinkedIn or check out his GitHub repo (https://github.com/peted70).

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  1. hello boss ;
    First of all i wanna thank u for your effort in windows 8
    but i have Question about C# Socket in metro “SocketExample” if want to send image through socket how we can to do that can reply with source code

  2. Hello 😀
    First of all i wanna thank u for your effort …

    im working on a project using unity3D and kinect , i wanna use the kinect region so i build my unity scenes to visual studio .. but when i run it inside visual studio , the kinect doesn’t work.. i don’t know why ??

    1. Have you ticked the microphone and webcam capabilities in the application manifest? Does the Kinect work with the SDK samples?

      1. thx bro , i did it 🙂
        but i want to ask u if i can use kinect speech recognition inside unity3d ?

  3. Hi Pete,
    I was looking for a JavaScript-ready tool for face-tracking and emotion-tracking, and Kinect, Intel RealSense and VisageSDK came to my mind.
    What is your personal take on Kinect’s accuracy for detecting the face, facial features and expressions, and emotion detection? (Do you know if there are official numbers for that?) What are the advantages of Kinect over the others?
    Have you had experience with Visage or RealSense?
    Thanks a lot,

  4. Hello Sir,
    A answer was posted by you on RichEditBox binding with MVVM

    public class RtfText
    public static string GetRichText(DependencyObject obj)
    return (string)obj.GetValue(RichTextProperty);

    public static void SetRichText(DependencyObject obj, string value)
    obj.SetValue(RichTextProperty, value);

    // Using a DependencyProperty as the backing store for RichText. This enables animation, styling, binding, etc…
    public static readonly DependencyProperty RichTextProperty =
    DependencyProperty.RegisterAttached(“RichText”, typeof(string), typeof(RtfText), new PropertyMetadata(string.Empty, callback));

    private static void callback(DependencyObject d, DependencyPropertyChangedEventArgs e)
    var reb = (RichEditBox)d;
    reb.Document.SetText(TextSetOptions.FormatRtf, (string)e.NewValue);


    This is working on one way
    its only get the records but not set if we do any changes…
    is there any way to do….

    Thank you

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