Simplygon in Azure

I wrote a [previous blog post]( about Simplygon a few years ago and the idea of optimising 3D meshes to enable running on a low powered device such as a HoloLens or mobile phone has cropped up on a number of occasions since. The content in the more recent projects have the additional requirement of being loaded into an app dynamically when requested by the app user

Blender in Azure

Blender has been receiving some well-deserved attention recently. In particular some big companies (including Microsoft) who understand the importance of this 3D content creation tool as we move towards a spatial computing-oriented landscape.

Shader Stereo instancing HoloLens

Whilst recently experimenting with the Mixed Reality Toolkit for Unity vNext for HoloLens app development The vNext version of the toolkit will be a requirement for HoloLens2 development so this would be a good time to start investigating if you…

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IL2CPP + HoloLens

Following the Unity announcement about deprecating the .NET backend I have been slowly turning my attention towards using IL2CPP instead which some time in the future will be the only option for Unity HoloLens development. Of course, there are supported…

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Mixed Reality Evangelism

Back in 2016 at the Microsoft Future Decoded event I gave the first HoloLens developer talk in the UK. This was an exciting time for me personally as was the culmination of many years of working on software engineering and…

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WebVR + HoloLens

Microsoft Edge has support for WebVR as you can see here The support across the main browsers looks like this at the time of writing but what is not captured here is that in order to use WebVR on…

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glTF & DirectX final part

Following the initial intro post see I have written a few follow-up posts to highlight some of my learnings from writing this sample. This one is the final post and contains topics I thought were interesting but didn’t warrant…

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glTF & DirectX part3 – architecture

Following the initial intro post see I’m going to write a few follow up posts to highlight some of my learnings from writing this sample. This one is on the design of the code sample. All of the code…

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