Azure Website in 2 mins

Love that you can create a hosted website from the command line with a few simple commands:

azure site create –git fromCmdLine

copy con index.html

<!DOCTYPE html>

Hello Azure Website!



git add -A

git commit -m “initial add”

git push azure master

Using the –git parameter with azure site create will create a Git repository on Azure for the named website. This will also initialize a Git repository in the directory from which the command was ran if one does not already exist. It will also create a Git remote named azure, which can be used to push deployments to the Azure Website using the git push azure master command. If you are using bash replace the ‘copy con’ with ‘cat’.

There are a few pre-requisites:

Azure account – sign up for a free trial if you don’t have one

Azure cross platform CLI tools with instructions including how to configure the current subscription here –

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