MS translator api text to speech WP7

I’ve been messing around around with the ms translator api ( and thought I’d post my sample code. A quick app that speaks with a localized French accent.

databinding BingMaps Control Wp7 MVVM

Ok, so a similar treatment for the Bing Maps control as for previous posts on the Pivot and Panorama controls. So starting out with a standard Windows Phone Application project… Straight into the xaml: <Maps:Map x:Name="map" Grid.Row="1"> <Maps:MapItemsControl ItemsSource="{Binding PushPins}">…

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WCF Rest Service – WP7 Client

Here is a working project with an extremely simple WCF rest service and a Windows Phone 7 client application using WebClient.   WebHttpBinding Service + WP7 Client

Data Binding Panorama Control WP7 MVVM

by Peter Daukintis Ok, this is just a quick follow-up to a previous post Data Binding Pivot Control just as confirmation that this approach will work for the WP7 Panorama Control as well. Starting with the project from the previous…

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WP7 looping selector

by Peter Daukintis After release of the RTM software tools for WP7 I was pleased to see the looping controls manifested as DatePicker and TimePicker since I was considering creating similar…These are built on top of the LoopingSelector control which…

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Data Binding Pivot Control WP7 MVVM

by Peter Daukintis Ok, having had access to the official WP7 Pivot control in the RTM Tools for Windows Phone 7 for a few days I thought it was time to explore and particularly in it’s data binding capabilities. I…

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Windows Phone 7, MVVM and TDD (Part 6 – loading screen)

By Peter Daukintis First we need to create the loading screen user control which is heavily based upon the one used here It consists of a grid containing eight rectangles which have associated animations that cycle through different greyscales/transparencies.…

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