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Future Decoded 2017 Mixed Reality


It was great to see all of the mixed reality content at this years Future Decoded event and was also fun to take part with a couple of technical ‘deep dive’ sessions with my colleague Mike Taulty:

Bootstrapping Your Windows Mixed Reality Development

Want to get started in bringing your existing developer skills and apps to Windows Mixed Reality devices like HoloLens or the forthcoming immersive headsets from a number of our hardware partners? In this session, we’ll take a tour of the Windows Mixed Reality platform stopping off along the way to have a look at the devices and the scenarios where they shine and what a prospective developer needs to know about the platform, tools, frameworks, runtimes, languages and resources that are available. We’ll close out the session by building out a “Hello World” application that will provide the basis for the following deeper-dive sessions. Come along if you’re looking to bootstrap your journey into Mixed Reality.

In this session we cover the Windows Mixed Reality platform, what kinds of apps you can build, how it all works with Unity, how to make a great app (content, UX and performance).


frame processing

Windows Mixed Reality Development in Unity

In this code-driven session, we’ll start from scratch and go on a journey using Unity, Visual Studio and C# to build an application to illustrate functionality that’s commonly found in Mixed Reality scenarios. Along the way we’ll discuss areas like how to work with 3D assets, to handle interaction, to make use of sound and to incorporate the physical environment into your code. We’ll explore how applications can share content across HoloLens devices and options for building, deploying and debugging on both holographic and immersive headsets. Come along if you want to see what Mixed Reality development looks like with lots of code, some terrible jokes and a github repo that you can take away at the end of the day.

We re-created the Holograms app in the form of an animal parade complete with surfing frog, sneezing bunny and scary lion and support for immersive headsets. Witness Mike and I try to tame the animals…



Neither session was recorded but a few folks have asked us if we can share the slides and resources. Well we’ve gone one better than that and have recorded screencasts for each session and of course:

The code is all publically available at the Github repo
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