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Intro to Git in Visual Studio

I started with Git about three years ago and have used it on and off ever since and it has slowly become my version management system of choice. It can be frustrating to use at first as there would seem to be multiple ways to achieve the same thing, there are composite commands which do more than one thing and while you are learning it can get you into some unpredictable situations. I mostly used the command line and found that in the long run this helped me to understand what the GUI tools were doing under the hood.


I’ve recorded a screencast of a recent presentation I made which has a simple intro to Git in Visual Studio 2013. It shows creating a repository, basic commit and branch commands, pushing a repository up to Github and deployment to Azure Websites. I’ve included some tips for people unfamiliar with how Git works as it can be confusing if you are used to the more traditional version management systems such as Subversion or Perforce, etc.

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