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Kinect 4 Windows V2 – Unity3D 5

With the recent announcements at GDC2015 from Unity about their new licensing model I thought I would update my Kinect and Unity3d post as now a pro Unity license is no longer a requirement. I installed Unity 5 and chose the ‘Personal Edition’ license – more details here – this is a free download in which all features of the engine are available.


I ran through the steps from my previous post and everything just worked!



When Building the Unity project for Windows Store there currently seems to be a problem in Unity 5 where it attempts to copy multiple versions of a plugin and presents you with the error ‘multiple plugins collide’. I worked around this by deleting items from the Plugins folder until only the one I wanted remained.

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5 thoughts on “Kinect 4 Windows V2 – Unity3D 5

  1. Hi, thank you for your articles, but i have a problem with gesture builder, when body appears on screen, unity stopped working (with windows with buttons close/debug, MS VS debugger said “access violation to address …”).
    It happens when i try to get access to frame.DiscreteGestureResults after init tracking Id (_gestureFrameSource.TrackingId = body.TrackingId)

    But WPF VGB sample work fine with my and with standard gesture bases
    Also i try to run your sample and have the same problems in unity (i used Unity 5 and Unity 4.5)

    1. Hi Aleksey,
      One thing I noticed when I downloaded that project and ran it in Unity5 is that I needed to ‘unblock’ the zip file (right-click > properties > general) otherwise the dlls for ‘visual gesture builder’ wouldn’t get loaded.

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