kinect drums

Whilst exploring the possibilities opened by the Kinect device I made a demo using the OpenNI framework with PrimeSense NITE components.


Kinect Drums

As you can see from the video it allows tracking of multiple ‘players’. I started out by using ManagedNITE and using the hand tracking it provides but had some trouble getting a second hand to track (it worked but seemed less responsive than the first hand and was difficult to start the tracking).

This is roughly how the demo was made:

  • modification of the NITE c++ sample which does user tracking (Players) to track multiple users
  • wrapping this in a c+/cli component for consumption in a .NET environment
  • consumed the .NET component in a WPF 3D desktop application

4 thoughts on “kinect drums

    1. Sorry, for various reasons I can’t really release the whole thing to you at the moment. But, if there is a particular aspect you are interested in getting working I would be happy to tell you how I did it or give code samples as appropriate…

  1. can you help me with hand tracking i also want to work on a project on motion sensing with kinect thank you

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