Nokia Lumia 800 Developer Gift

A few months back Nokia announced their intention to provide developers with windows phone hardware in the shape of 25000 Lumia 800s (see http://www.winrumors.com/nokia-giving-away-25000-lumia-800-windows-phones-to-developers/). The gifts are available under the following criteria:

"Currently a Nokia Developer Champion or Nokia Launchpad member" means you need to be a current member as of Oct 26th (when we announced the new device). The purpose of the seeding is to help our current developers and publishers take advantage of the new devices and join the Windows Phone ecosystem. We welcome all new developers and publishers and encourage them to attend the upcoming outreach events that Nokia and Microsoft will offer.”

I ordered my Nokia Lumia 800 developer gift yesterday from the Nokia Launchpad site.




To make an order point your browser to https://www.developer.nokia.com/Developer_Programs/Launchpad/ (requires Launchpad credentials). Then select the ‘support center’ option followed by ‘Device Distribution Program’. In the phone list you should find a Nokia Lumia 800 developer gift.

Many Thanks Nokia – now to build some apps…….

UPDATE (11/01/2012): I have now received my Lumia 800





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