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I have recently been hacking around with a kinect camera + OpenNI + PrimeSense NITE components and initially it was quite challenging to get the software bits and pieces installed correctly. I got it working but then needed to rebuild my PC, soooo……

Since I didn’t find a package which carries out the whole thing, and the prospect of carrying out these repetitive tasks again prompted me to create a program which does most of the hard work on Windows.

Most of it is based on instructions from

but I couldn’t get this to work so also used

and an installer from here

So, just in case it helps someone else here it is….


Please uninstall any related installations before commencing..

Unzip and run KinectInstall.exe.

Then plug your Kinect camera into a USB port on your computer and try to run some of the demos which are installed with OpenNI and NITE. Hopefully they will work!


(Disclaimer : Use at your own risk.)

This is what it does;

This program will automate the installs for setting up a kinect camera with OpenNI and Prime Sense NITE. It will install current (26.01.2011) stable binaries from here

OpenNI framework

PrimeSense OpenNI-compliant components


Sensor Kinect



15 thoughts on “OpenNI + Kinect (getting set up on Windows)

  1. Thank you so much!
    I tried to compile sources (stable/unstable), I tried the binaries, nothing worked…

    But this link save my day! Many thanks!

  2. Awesome! Thanks a million!

    I tried everything and couldn’t get it to run.
    Your install worked flawlessy… on WindowsXP

    Your installer does not work on Win7 (32bit). Could you give us the exact order of installation you are using?
    Then I will try a manual install again on Win7.

    Again, great job!

    1. I did manage to successfully test it on a couple of Win7 32-bit PCs so maybe something else about your environment.
      It might be worth checking that the config files have been successfully copied.

      Anyway, here’s the install order..

      • OPENNI-Win32-
      • NITE-Win32-
      • SensorKinect-Win32-5.0.0.exe
      • Copy xml config files
  3. Hi,

    Your installation helped me get all the way to invoking the sample codes in openNI. I could run NiSimpleViewer. But, I could not run the NIUserTracker sample. It says “cant create any node of requested type”.

    Could you let me know possible resolution of this issue?


  4. Hi
    Thank you for your installer. But, unfortunately I am not able to run the samples. I’ve tried many ways before using your installer.
    Now i am getting the following message, when trying to run “NiSimpleViewer.exe” from command prompt, “The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is in
    correct. Please see the application event log for more detail.”.
    do you gyz have any suggestion?
    My os is Windows Vista.



  5. Adnan change all the .xml files with the same key number and same resolution in the primesens folder and openni folder (in the programmefile)…
    (open them with notepad)

    I had the same problem now all the openNI sample works … but not yes oscsceleton which crash….

    Bonne chance


  6. i still cant get it to work with win7 64 bit have u made any new installer for like FAAST 0.08 whit openni nite and everything ? .. all this is a jungle to me and i cant understand why no one makes a install file that just installs everything i cant even find the new openni installer online 😛

  7. i tryed on win 7 x64 and the installer hangs after install on the windows install directory it left me wondering if it was done yet insted of exiting the batch installer so maby you can fix that to inprove it i was unable to download or view the readme file you might want to include a .txt. file with the also after it installed i couldent get it to work my system raitings are all 7.9 . I was realy hopeingh this worked i uninsalled everythang else i had to try it with no luck but this is exactly what we need so i hope you can inprove and also update your installer to thare latest versions of the softwares that kinectinstaller is installing!

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