Azure Speech Studio for Mixed Reality

Introduction It is not uncommon that a Mixed Reality experience requires more user guidance than traditional applications; partially because the user may not be familiar with the capabilities of the application but also because they may not be accustomed to…

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Blender in Azure

Blender has been receiving some well-deserved attention recently. In particular some big companies (including Microsoft) who understand the importance of this 3D content creation tool as we move towards a spatial computing-oriented landscape.

Holograms Catalogue–Loading Models

The 3D industry has been lacking a ubiquitous, standard file format for scene description. Many years ago I worked on a project involving creating camera motion paths to drive motion control rigs like this one below: I worked with a…

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Intro to Git in Visual Studio

I started with Git about three years ago and have used it on and off ever since and it has slowly become my version management system of choice. It can be frustrating to use at first as there would seem…

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Azure Website in 2 mins

Love that you can create a hosted website from the command line with a few simple commands: azure site create –git fromCmdLine copy con index.html <!DOCTYPE html> Hello Azure Website! [CTRL-Z] [ENTER] git add -A git commit -m “initial add”…

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Azure websocket server with node.js and

Peter Daukintis If you haven’t previously done this download your Azure publish settings file from here This will contain your management certificate and details for each of your Azure subscriptions.   If you have multiple Azure subscriptions ensure that…

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