Blender in Azure

Blender has been receiving some well-deserved attention recently. In particular some big companies (including Microsoft) who understand the importance of this 3D content creation tool as we move towards a spatial computing-oriented landscape.

HoloLens–The Path to 60fps (Normal Maps)

Since composing the last post: HoloLens–The Path to 60fps I have carried out some more work on HoloLens apps with an important requirement for as high quality rendering as possible but of course the goal is always to maintain 60…

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HoloLens End-to-End in Unity

In preparation for my session, HoloLens: The Path to Mixed Reality at Future Decoded UK 2016 (the first official HoloLens developer session in the UK) I put together a demo to illustrate a basic 3D model content creation pipeline and…

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3D Models: From Blender to HoloLens

This is the first part of a series see See for links to get all of the tools to get started with HoloLens development. Also, for this post I will be using Blender for Windows (I used version…

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